Promoting integrity and transparency in registered organisations 

12 August 2022

In the context of recent discussions about new Federal integrity measures, it is noteworthy that the ROC has, since it commenced in 2017, been working with registered organisations to improve governance and transparency. We have investigated and taken successful court action over various instances of misconduct including the misuse of members’ funds, falsification of financial records and breaches of officers’ duties. These behaviours fall well short of community and member expectations.

To deal with and prevent future misconduct the ROC has used a variety of tools including proactively educating organisations about their obligations and, where appropriate, taking action in line with our Compliance and Enforcement Policy. Our education materials about good governance, including podcasts and compliance updates, have been some of our most popular resources! 

This financial year we’ll continue our focus on governance to promote integrity and help organisations improve their practices. Currently under development for release in November is a good governance best practice guide, which will include contemporary lessons and examples from registered organisations and corporate Australia. I encourage you to access our new Education Strategy 2022–2023 to help you plan and schedule the education and training in your organisation.

Mark Bielecki, Registered Organisations Commissioner


Mark Bielecki, Registered Organisations Commissioner