Appealing a decision

Either party can apply for permission to appeal a decision made by the General Manager of the Commission under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (RO Act).

Find out more about the appeals process, including deadlines for applying for permission. 


    To promote good governance within registered organisations, the Commission:

    Inquiries, investigations and litigation

    The General Manager can make inquiries and conduct investigations into a registered organisation's compliance with the RO Act and their rules regarding finances and financial administration. 

    Making a complaint about a registered organisation

    We accept complaints about organisations failing to comply with the requirements of the RO Act, such as:

    • mishandling of organisation funds
    • misconduct by officers in their officer duties (particularly in relation to financial management)
    • non-compliance with elections, financial reporting, record keeping and the financial disclosure requirements of the legislation

    We also accept whistleblower complaints that an organisation, its officers or employees have breached the RO Act, the Fair Work Act or have committed an offence under a Commonwealth law. 

    We cannot assist members who believe that their organisation has not:

    • supplied them with a level of service that the member believes to be reasonable
    • fulfilled their consumer contractual obligations.

    Summaries of court cases

    The decisions made by the courts on the duties of officers, financial governance, accountability and elections can be a valuable learning resource for registered organisations and their officers.