Online discussion about your annual return

All registered organisations are required to lodge their annual return of information by 31 March every year.

To assist you with preparing your organisation’s annual return, the ROC hosted an online discussion panel on Friday 29 January. The panel was made up of subject matter experts from the ROC, who provided tips on preparing a compliant annual return. The panel demonstrated how to draft an annual return using a ROC template and answered questions from representatives of unions and employer associations.

If you missed the live event or want to refresh yourself on the requirements, you can listen to the recording below. 


Additional resources:


  • Kristina Menzies - Senior Adviser, Education and Reporting, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Catherine Bebbington - Principal Adviser, Education and Reporting, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Cynthia Lo-Booth - Senior Adviser/Lawyer, Compliance and Investigations, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Declan Clifford - Executive Officer to the Registered Organisations Commissioner, Registered Organisations Commission