Officer financial training panel discussion: 25 November 2020

The Registered Organisations Commission hosted an officer financial training online question and answer panel on Wednesday 25th November. We were joined by representatives of unions, employer associations and training providers. 

If you missed the live event or want to refresh yourself on the requirements, we have now published the audio recording below. 


  • Catherine Bebbington – Principal Adviser, Education and Reporting, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Joanne Fenwick – Financial Reporting Specialist, Registered Organisations Commission
  • MaryAnne Guina – Principal Adviser, Compliance and Investigations, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Kristina Menzies – Senior Adviser, Education and Reporting, Registered Organisations Commission

The new education tool contains a hypothetical scenario providing practical examples of when officers must undertake financial training or obtain an exemption. 

Subject matter experts also responded to questions about: 

  • when officers with financial management responsibilities must complete approved training
  • how to access financial training
  • the ROC's observations about compliance during the financial training audit
  • how the ROC assesses training exemption applications.

Downloads and links:

Test your knowledge – Officer financial training
Officer financial training factsheet
Application for exemption from financial training


The online panel discussions have continued to receive positive feedback. 100% of survey respondents have said they would attend another online event hosted by the Registered Organisations Commission. 

"I like the format you are using for the online events and I always find them helpful and reassuring. I also find the regularity of them good too."

Join us for our annual returns panel in January 2021. It will provide practical examples and information to help you complete your annual return by the end of March. Information about how to submit your questions and register for the panel will be released soon.