Episode 15: Good governance in practice: officer induction

Officers of registered organisations play an important role in the running of their organisation, and they are influential drivers of good governance. It is essential that all officers have the knowledge and tools to carry out their functions and responsibilities under their organisation's rules and the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (the RO Act).

An induction program is a structured way of providing new officers with much of the information and support they need to be confident and productive in their role. In this episode we discuss how officers can be inducted into their organisation, and the resources the ROC has made available to assist new officers of registered organisations.

Episode highlights

2:20       Why induction is important
7:20       How induction can be delivered
11:30     Officer financial training
14:10     The ROC’s Officer Induction Kit
22:40     Further considerations 

Episode 15 transcript

Supporting resources:

Officer Induction Kit 

Case summaries


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