Episode 18: Working together to assist registered organisations

Registered organisations often engage with multiple regulators at one time. For example, most organisations require the assistance of the ROC and the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to fill their office positions through elections.  If your organisation is considering a rule change, listen to the podcast to discover how the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and the ROC can provide advice and assistance to you throughout the process.

In our latest episode of ROCpod: Talking with the Registered Organisations Commission we focus on the ROC’s relationships with the FWC, the AEC and the Fair Work Ombudsman. The podcast will help you understand the related functions of each agency, and how to obtain support when undertaking compliance work.

Episode highlights

4:00 Changing your rules with the Fair Work Commission
4:29 Engaging with the ROC before a rule alteration
13:19 Elections – who does what?
18:55 Sharing information with the Australian Electoral Commission 
22:11 Our corporate relationship with the Fair Work Ombudsman
23:07 Partnerships for the whistleblower regime 

Episode 18 transcript


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