Episode 22: Lodge on time, one time, every time

In this month’s podcast we go behind-the-scenes to uncover what happens to your compliance documents after they’ve been lodged with the ROC.

In 2019/20 registered organisations and branches lodged nearly 2,000 documents with the ROC. This includes compliance requirements like financial reports, annual returns and prescribed information for elections.

In our latest episode of ROCpod we talk about how the ROC assesses financial reports and the tools available to improve compliance performance. We also identify the common non-compliance issues with prescribed information for elections and share how registered organisations can support an efficient decision-making process. The episode uncovers some common roadblocks to processing a lodgement, and the education resources that can help to avoid errors and delays.

Education is a key element of the ROC’s approach to compliance and enforcement. Registered organisations and branches are encouraged to engage with us if they have questions about a lodgement or compliance generally. You can call the ROC on 1300 341 665 or send an email to regorgs@roc.gov.au.

Episode highlights

1:36: ROC’s case management system
4:54: The assessment of financial reports
7:44: The latest compliance rates
10:50: Lodging a financial training exemption application
13:50: Practical tips for lodging prescribed information (PI) for elections
16:33: What happens if errors are discovered during an assessment?

Downloads and links

Episode 22 transcript

Compliance calculator
Financial reporting tools and resources 
Elections tools and resources


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