Episode 23: Is it time to change your registered auditor?

Some reporting units must act now to rotate their registered auditor. Do you know when your reporting unit is due to rotate your registered auditor? 

In this month’s podcast we talk about the auditor rotation requirement under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. Since the release of the rotation of auditors factsheet the ROC has responded to many enquiries about this requirement. 

In the latest episode of ROCpod we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, including:

  • how to calculate the number of consecutive financial years your registered auditor has played a ‘significant role’ in the audit of your financial reports
  • what to do if you’ve already appointed an auditor who you should have rotated 
  • the information the reporting unit should provide to a newly appointed registered auditor. 

Auditing a financial report in breach of the rotation of registered auditors requirement can result in financial penalties. 


Episode highlights

2:19: Quick summary of the auditor requirements 
4:28: Playing a significant role. What does this mean? 
6:20: How to determine when you need to change your auditor
11:20: Removing an auditor during their appointment
13:10: Guidance for using a different registered auditor
14:23: Civil penalties for breaches of the requirements

Downloads and links

Rotation of auditors factsheet

Registered auditors tools and resources


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