Episode 36: ROC Inquiries and investigations

In our episode of ROCpod we talk about our regulatory response to non-compliance, which can range from engagement and education through to litigation and shine a spotlight on ROC inquiries and investigations.

We discuss how the ROC’s investigations, financial reporting and education functions work together to promote compliance and good governance in registered organisations.


Episode highlights

2:44        The ROC's approach to non-compliance
6:58        Section 331 investigations vs whistleblower investigations
8:59        How inquiries are different to investigations
11:11       The ROC's investigation powers
17:38      The purpose of conducting investigations and inquiries

Downloads and links

Episode 36 transcript
Compliance update: Are you using your credit cards appropriately?
Episode 30: Whistleblower investigations: what you can expect
Episode 31: Good governance in practice: financial decision-making
Inquiries, investigations and litigation
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