Episode 46: Current issues in the elections space

Registered organisations and branches need to lodge prescribed information with the Fair Work Commission at least two months before your rules say nominations are open. The election is then conducted by the Australian Election Commission (AEC) unless the branch holds an exemption. There has been a disruption to election cycles over the past few years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the AEC being unable to conduct elections for a period of time.

In this episode, we discuss what you must do if your rules say that an election is due to be held, whether or not you’ve had a missed or delayed election, and how you can resynchronise your election cycles. We also look at other current issues that we are seeing with industrial elections that organisations should be aware of.

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Episode highlights:

2:42     Current issues with elections
5:03     What happens if a previous election is overdue or didn't run at all 
7:45     Making changes to your rules
10:48   Amended prescribed information


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