Episode 5: Dual Registration

In episode five of ROCpod: Talking with the RegisteredOrganisations Commission, we discuss the issue of dual registration.

Many federally registered organisations have branches under their federal registration which are state-based. Sometimes the state-based branch has a ‘mirror’ association, which may have the same members and the same office holders, but is registered in the state. This arrangement is commonly referred to as dual registration.

We discuss why organisations register in multiple jurisdictions and the potential impacts of dual registration on financial reporting and record keeping. We provide guidance about how federally registered organisations with dual registration can ensure legislative compliance.

Episode highlights

01:30:    What is dual registration
03:00:    Financial reporting responsibilities
04:00:    Record keeping tips
07:15:    Examples of potential issues that may arise
10:50:    The relevance of organisation rules
13:15:    Financial reporting options
16:20:    Episode summary

Episode five transcript


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