Episode 6: Spotlight on whistleblower disclosures

In our sixth episode of ROCpod: Talking with the Registered Organisations Commission, we speak with governance and public policy expert Professor A.J. Brown about whistleblowing. Professor Brown has recently led the project Whistling While They Work external-icon.png, which is the world’s leading research into public interest whistleblowing. 

We talk about recent research that has been undertaken into whistleblowing and how its findings can inform organisations about how to handle disclosures effectively when they arise.   

Episode highlights

02:20:       History of whistleblowing
03:40:       Research findings into whistleblower disclosures
05:50:       Potential consequences of the mismanagement of disclosures
08:00:       Whistleblower policy and procedures
09:10:       The importance of good organisation culture
17:35:       When whistleblower disclosures are well handled

Episode six transcript

Guest profile

Professor A.J. Brown, Griffith University external-icon.png

Other resources

Clean as a Whistle – a five step guide to better whistleblowing policy and practice in business and government external-icon.png


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