Episode 7: Demystifying the ORP statement

In this episode, we take a closer look at the obligation for organisations and branches to lodge an Officer and related party disclosure (ORP) statement.

Since this requirement came into effect in 2018, the ROC has consulted with registered organisations to provide tailored advice about how to prepare the ORP statement in compliance with the RO Act. This episode features a discussion between three members of staff who have been directly involved in the assessment of ORP statements. 

In this episode we identify the common areas of non-compliance, and answer the frequently asked questions. 

Episode highlights

2:00:      Summary of the ORP statement requirements
4:45:      The ROC’s template 
6:00:      The concept of ‘relevant remuneration’
14:00:    Non-cash benefits and how to value them
17:00:    Payments to related parties and the legislative exemptions
20:30:    Payments to declared persons or bodies
24:30:    Episode summary  

Episode seven transcript


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