Musicians Union of Australia (MUA)

About the MUA 

Organisation type and coverage: a union of employees connected to the professional musicians’ industry

Financial year: 1 July to 30 June

Date of registration: 31 March 1911

The organisation has 6 branches:

  • Adelaide Branch
  • Brisbane Branch
  • Hobart Branch
  • Launceston Branch
  • Melbourne Branch, and
  • Sydney Branch.

From 2015 the organisation presents 1 financial report, which incorporates the financial affairs of the head office and all of the branches, on the basis of a s.245 certificate (reporting units on an alternate basis).

The supreme governing authority of the organisation is vested in the Federal Council. It consists of the Federal Office Bearers and the members of all the Branch Committees. The organisation is also governed by a Federal Executive.

The Federal Office-bearers and Members of the Branch Committees previously elected every 2 and 4 years are transitioning to uniform 3 year terms. From 2018 all officers in the Union will be elected every 3 years.

Elections for office positions across the organisation are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

The organisation's rules and rule alterations are available in a table here.

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Documents Type Date Entity Print & MNC Comments Code
AR2023/47 Annual returns 2023 MUA - Central Office 013N
AR2022/48 Annual returns 2022 MUA - Central Office 013N
E2022/104 Elections 2022 MUA - Central Office PR352238 [2022] ROCD 81 Insufficient nominations 013N
E2022/55 Elections 2022 MUA - Central Office PR352212 [2022] ROCD 60 Insufficient nominations 013N
FR2022/131 Financial reports 2022 MUA - Central Office Financial year ending 30 June 2022 013N
ORP2022/187 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Central Office 013N
ORP2022/188 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Melbourne Branch 013NMEL
ORP2022/189 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Sydney Branch 013NSYD
ORP2022/190 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Hobart Branch 013NHBA
ORP2022/191 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Launceston Branch 013NLNC
ORP2022/192 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Brisbane Branch 013NBNE
ORP2022/193 Disclosure statement 2022 MUA - Adelaide Branch 013NADE
AR2021/48 Annual returns 2021 MUA - Central Office 013N
E2021/23 Elections 2021 MUA - Central Office PR 352046 [2021] ROCD 148 Scheduled election Federal and Branch officers - late lodgement - allowed 013N
FR2021/175 Financial reports 2021 MUA - Central Office Financial year ending 30 June 2021 013N
ORP2021/195 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Central Office 013N
ORP2021/196 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Melbourne Branch 013NMEL
ORP2021/197 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Sydney Branch 013NSYD
ORP2021/198 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Hobart Branch 013NHBA
ORP2021/199 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Launceston Branch 013NLNC
ORP2021/200 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Brisbane Branch 013NBNE
ORP2021/201 Disclosure statement 2021 MUA - Adelaide Branch 013NADE
AR2020/49 Annual returns 2020 -central office- 013N
FR2020/176 Financial reports 2020 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2020 013N
ORP2020/193 Disclosure statement 2020 -central office- 013N
ORP2020/194 Disclosure statement 2020 Melbourne Branch 013NMEL
ORP2020/195 Disclosure statement 2020 MUA - Sydney Branch 013NSYD
ORP2020/196 Disclosure statement 2020 Hobart Branch 013NHBA
ORP2020/197 Disclosure statement 2020 Launceston Branch 013NLNC
ORP2020/198 Disclosure statement 2020 Brisbane Branch 013NBNE
ORP2020/199 Disclosure statement 2020 Adelaide Branch 013NADE
AR2019/105 Annual returns 2019 -central office- 013N
FR2019/185 Financial reports 2019 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2019 013N
ORP2019/207 Disclosure statement 2019 -central office- 013N
ORP2019/208 Disclosure statement 2019 Melbourne Branch 013NMEL
ORP2019/209 Disclosure statement 2019 Sydney Branch 013NSYD
ORP2019/210 Disclosure statement 2019 Hobart Branch 013NHBA
ORP2019/211 Disclosure statement 2019 Launceston Branch 013NLNC
ORP2019/212 Disclosure statement 2019 Brisbane Branch 013NBNE
ORP2019/213 Disclosure statement 2019 Adelaide Branch 013NADE
AR2018/108 Annual returns 2018 -central office- 013N
E2018/17 Elections 2018 -central office- 013N
FR2018/272 Financial reports 2018 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2018 013N
ORP2018/1282 Disclosure statement 2018 Adelaide Branch 013NADE
ORP2018/1318 Disclosure statement 2018 Brisbane Branch 013NBNE
ORP2018/1355 Disclosure statement 2018 Hobart Branch 013NHBA
ORP2018/1399 Disclosure statement 2018 -central office- 013N
ORP2018/1436 Disclosure statement 2018 Launceston Branch 013NLNC
ORP2018/1477 Disclosure statement 2018 Melbourne Branch 013NMEL
ORP2018/1478 Disclosure statement 2018 Sydney Branch 013NSYD