Episode 35: Making your rules work for you

In this episode of ROCpod we talk about the rules of registered organisations, and how they can influence compliance outcomes.   

Rules provide order and instruction about how things are done in registered organisations and branches. They provide a framework for how organisations are run, including the management of funds and the expectations around how officers will perform their duties. 

The ROC routinely engages with organisations and branches when it is identified that rules are making compliance more difficult. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of registered organisations to maintain their rulebooks so that they reflect how they want the organisation to run.

Episode highlights

3:06:        Rulebook requirements under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act
6:50:        The impact of inconsistent/ambiguous rules   
17:00:      Why you should consider post-election reports 
20:15:      How to change your rules

Downloads and links

Episode 35 transcript
Fair Work Commission Website
May Masterclass 2021 PowerPoint presentation link



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