Notification of changes

The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (RO Act) requires registered organisations to provide certain information to the Commission whenever circumstances change.

Information that must be lodged whenever circumstances change

The Commission must be notified if any of the following change:

  • the offices in the organisation or in a branch
  • the name, postal address or occupation of a person holding office
  • the name of a branch of the organisation, the commencement or cessation of a branch
  • the address of the office of the organisation or the address of the office of a branch
  • an election for an office in the organisation or branch that must be held during the calendar year.

Good governance tip – we have a factsheet to help you with changes to branches

When changes must be notified

Details of any changes must be notified within 35 days of the change.

Template: Notification of change

Who can lodge the information

The notification must be lodged by the Secretary or another office holder authorised by the rules of the organisation. The notification must include a declaration signed by the office holder that the information is a correct statement of the changes made.

If an organisation is divided into branches or divisions, the notification of change may be made by a national office holder or the relevant branch or division office holder, depending on who has authority under the rules of the organisation to do so.