Annual return and notification of changes

Annual lodgment of information (annual return)


Fact sheets

Records to be kept by registered organisations

Records to be lodged annually by registered organisations

Annual return timeline (A visual summary of the key dates relevant to the annual return)



 Annual return template – Organisation with branches

 Annual return template – Organisation with no branches




Annual return – Primary checklist  Organisation without branches

Annual return – Primary checklist – Organisation with branches


Annual return – Advanced checklist – Organisations without branches 

Annual return – Advanced checklist – Organisation with branches 


Online learning

Digital Classroom – Annual returns

E-learning module – Annual return


Panel discussions

Online discussion about your annual return: 29 January 2021



Episode 29: The annual return: Compliance simplified

Episode 11: Good governance in practice: record keeping and decision making


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Annual returns


Notification of changes


Fact sheets

Notification of changes fact sheet


Guidance notes

Quiz  Notification of changes 

Legislative summaries

Summary and historical context of the legislative provisions  notification of changes



Notification of changes template 


Notification of changes checklist for ONE change

Notification of changes checklist for MULTIPLE changes


Online learning

E-learning module – Notifications of change

Digital Classroom – Notifications of change module



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Notification of change