The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (RO Act) protects eligible disclosers who make a report of disclosable conduct by the organisation, its officers or employees.

Making a protected disclosure

To be protected, the disclosure must be made to the right person and be about ‘disclosable conduct’. Find out more about making a protected disclosure.

Responding to a protected disclosure

The Commission encourages organisations, their officers and employees to address instances of potential non-compliance as soon as they become aware of them. Find out more about responding to a protected disclosure

Government agencies

Agencies that are able to receive whistleblower disclosures must ensure that their staff are aware of their obligations under the whistleblower disclosure regime and comply with the prescribed timeframes. Find out more about the obligations of government agencies.

Tools and resources

The Commission provides registered organisations with guidance materials to help them to effectively respond to reports of disclosable conduct.