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Find annual returns, elections, disclosure statements and financial reports logged by this organisation.

The files published on this page only contain a few important documents from each matter, and some documents are redacted before being published. Some files are being audited and republished with redactions and/or fewer documents to comply with our policies and privacy requirements.

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Documents Type Date Entity Print & MNC Comments Code
AR2024/73 Annual returns 2024 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
E2023/172 Elections 2024 MPMCNSW - Central Office PR755179 & MNC [2023] FWCD 1138 Scheduled Election 139N
AR2023/74 Annual returns 2023 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
AR2022/75 Annual returns 2022 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
E2022/186 Elections 2022 MPMCNSW - Central Office PR 352375 [2022] ROCD 179 Scheduled election for offices 139N
ORP2022/387 Disclosure statement 2022 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
AR2021/75 Annual returns 2021 -central office- 139N
E2021/183 Elections 2021 MPMCNSW - Central Office PR 352089 [2021] ROCD 171 Scheduled election offices 139N
FR2021/325 Financial reports 2021 MPMCNSW - Central Office Financial year ending 31 December 2021 139N
ORP2021/390 Disclosure statement 2021 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
AR2020/76 Annual returns 2020 -central office- 139N
E2020/192 Elections 2020 -central office- PR 351800 MNC 2020 ROCD 181 Scheduled election - amending decision issued - this election superseded by E2021/183 139N
FR2020/338 Financial reports 2020 MPMCNSW - Central Office Financial year ending 31 December 2020 139N
ORP2020/403 Disclosure statement 2020 MPMCNSW - Central Office 139N
AR2019/81 Annual returns 2019 -central office- 139N
E2019/178 Elections 2019 -central office- PR351525 [2019] ROCD 201 Scheduled Election 139N
E2019/35 Elections 2019 -central office- PR351336 2019 ROCD 66 Insufficient nominations 139N
FR2019/360 Financial reports 2019 -central office- Financial year ending 31 December 2019 139N
ORP2019/442 Disclosure statement 2019 -central office- 139N
AR2018/84 Annual returns 2018 -central office- 139N
E2018/219 Elections 2018 -central office- PR351251 [2019] ROCD 8 Scheduled Election 139N
E2018/95 Elections 2018 -central office- PR351065 [2018] ROCD 88 Insufficient Nominations Election 139N
FR2018/349 Financial reports 2018 -central office- Financial year ending 31 December 2018 139N
ORP2018/1725 Disclosure statement 2018 -central office- 139N
AR2017/87 Annual returns 2017 -central office- 139N