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This page is preserved for historical purposes only.

This organisation was deregistered upon amalgamation with the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) effective on and from 27 March 2018.  See the instrument of deregistration [2018] FWC 1797 and the decision of the Fair Work Commission at [2018] FWC 1017 for further details.  

Organisation type and coverage: employees connected to the shipping and diving industry

Financial year: 1 July to 30 June

Date of registration: 23 July 1930, originally as the Federated Seamen’s Union of Australasia

There are 9 branches established under the organisation. The organisation presents 1 financial report, which incorporates the financial affairs of the head office and all of the branches on the basis of a s.271 Industrial Relations Act 1998 Consolidation Certificate.

The governance of the organisation is vested in the National Council, comprising of the Secretaries of each branch. Other government bodies within the organisation include a National Executive, Branch Executives and Branch Committees.

The parent organisation does not have its elections conducted by the AEC. It holds an exemption from having its elections conducted by the AEC and from the postal ballot provisions under the Registered Organisations Act.

Elections for offices within the organisation are conducted every 4 years.

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Documents Type Date Entity Print & MNC Comments Code
AR2018/1 Annual returns 2018 -central office- 182V
FR2018/380 Financial reports 2018 -central office- Financial period ending 26 March 2018 182V
AR2017/1 Annual returns 2017 -central office- 182V
FR2017/27 Financial reports 2017 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2017 182V
AR2016/51 Annual returns 2016 -central office- 182V
FR2016/72 Financial reports 2016 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2016 182V
AR2015/51 Annual returns 2015 -central office- 182V
FR2015/76 Financial reports 2015 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2015 182V
AR2014/51 Annual returns 2014 -central office- 182V
FR2014/74 Financial reports 2014 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2014 182V
AR2013/101 Annual returns 2013 -central office- 182V
FR2013/132 Financial reports 2013 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2013 182V
AR2012/200 Annual returns 2012 -central office- 182V
FR2012/228 Financial reports 2012 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2012 182V
AR2011/2501 Annual returns 2011 -central office- 182V
E2011/182 Elections 2011 -central office- Declaration by MUA of 2011-2015 Quadrennial Election 182V
FR2011/2542 Financial reports 2011 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2011 182V
AR2010/2500 Annual returns 2010 -central office- 182V
FR2010/2526 Financial reports 2010 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2010 182V
AR2009/202 Annual returns 2009 -central office- 182V
FR2009/227 Financial reports 2009 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2009 182V
AR2008/438 Annual returns 2008 -central office- 182V
FR2008/505 Financial reports 2008 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2008 182V
AR2007/399 Annual returns 2007 -central office- 182V
FR2007/275 Financial reports 2007 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2007 182V